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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mount Slamet (3432 meter) volcano is located on the island of Java, Indonesia. The mountain is located on the border Brebes, Banyumas, Purbalingga, District and County Pemalang Tegal, Central Java Province, and is the highest in Central Java and the second highest on the island of Java. There are four craters on top of them are active.

At the f
oot of this mountain there is a tourist area called Baturraden or Batur Raden. Tourist area is usually accomplished people from the town of Navan, the capital of Banyumas.

Gunung Slamet volcano is one of the objectives of the expedition of climbers, both from the local area and other regions. This mountain has a hill dipterocarp forest, dipterocarp forest Upper Montane Forest, and Forest Ericaceous or mountain forest.

In a book entitled "Three Old Sundanese Poems", published by KITLV Leiden in 2006, J. N
oorduyn mentions that the name "Slamet" is relatively new ie after the entry of Islam to Java. By referring to ancient texts Sunda Bujangga Manik, Noorduyn wrote that the old name of this mountain is Mount Agung.

Last activity was in May 2009 and to June still continue to issue lava.

::: Line ascent

tandard route is from Bambangan, Kutabawa Village, District Karangreja, Purbalingga. Another popular track is from Baturraden.

Climbing Mount Slamet known to be quite difficult because a majority of the climbing routes can not find water, although there was also a pool of water. To the hikers are strongly advised to bring adequate water supply from below. Another factor was the fog. Fog on Mount Slamet very easy to change and concentrated.

But If you pass bambangan point, probably not too difficult water problems. Indeed, many climbers have to carry water from the bottom, but when he got in that post v or rather in the post Samhyang rangkah there will be a small river that is located directly beneath the post v.

In addition bambangan route, there is also a climbing route through Dukuhliwung. From post 1 to post five of the top, takes about 8jam. And there's a spring in the post 2 and 3.

Or it could also make the climb through tourism hot water bath jar, climbing routes through the jar is still very steep. but the scenery along the route is more special than any other route. Natural scenery in the jar is still very natural route and still very wild, memorable far from human civilization. both these routes can be reached through the town of Tegal, then south toward the town of Slawi, past Lebaksiu, Yomani and began entering plateau Tuwel.


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